The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1

            Tokyo Revengers: The Most Mysterious Unanswered Questions before the Bloody Halloween Arc.

Recently, a newly-released anime, called Tokyo Revengers, has attracted a lot of attention from anime lovers all around the world. After the end of Tokyo Revengers’ first cour, it has brought lots of curiosity, luckily the Bloody Halloween arc is just around the corner to respond to your unanswered questions.

The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1
The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1

The first Tokyo Revengers cour finishes with a literal bang. The anime’s protagonist Takemichi thinks he’s done the impossible and changed the future to get a happier ending; however, at the end, he still watches both his beloved Hina and his best friend’s death in front of his eyes.

The next arc of Tokyo Revengers with title “Bloody Halloween”, has dropped a hint that the anime will focus on the origin of Toman, culminating in an exceedingly fight between them and Valhalla. Episode 12 has set up a good storyline, with Takemichi’s declaration that he will become the new head of Toman, but it also leaves fans with lots of questions for the subsequent arc to answer.

In the blog below, we will mention some of fans’ biggest concerns before the Halloween Arc in Tokyo Revengers. Let’s follow us to get more information.

  1. Why Murder Want to Kill Hina?

The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1
The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1

In Episode 1, Hina’s death comes as a result of an exceedingly seemingly random accident when a truck crashes into a festival. Both Hina and her brother died. Takemichi thought if he stopped Mikey and Kisaki from meeting in the past, he could have the opportunity to prevent his beloved Hina from dying. However, his thought is incorrect because when he arrives in the past, Hina is still dead without Kisaki’s joining in Toman. It is a strange circumstance of Hina’s death in Episode 12. It didn’t happen accidentally, but on purpose. Hanma clearly had intended to kill both Hina and Takemichi.

The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1
The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1

The reason to murder Hina is really big mysterious, it makes no sense to viewers because Hina so far has had very little or no interaction with other gangs, except for Toman and Takemichi. Moreover, she is one of the most lovely characters in Tokyo Revengers, so why Hina is a murder target, we still don’t know.

  1. Does Mikey Know Takemichi Comes from the Future?

Only a short period after saving Ken and being entrusted with the first Toman uniform from Mikey, Takemichi meets the leader of Tokyo Gang, Manjiro Sano on the hospital’s roof. He is meditative and wonders why certain things, such as Kiyomasa’s attempt to kill Draken, have happened. But most of all, he’s interested by how Takemichi seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Takemichi is anxious, unsure whether Mikey knows something, but he doesn’t follow too much on this issue any longer.

The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1
The Biggest Unanswered Tokyo Revengers Questions SS1

Although Mikey brushes it aside, it makes no change to the fact that he knows there’s something different about his friend, Takemichi. At least, Mikey knows Takemichi is a trusted friend who he can rely on. Whether Takemichi is a time traveler or not is still unclear. It still has lots of mystery.

In the blog, we have mentioned two main biggest unanswered questions after season 1. They still catch a lot of curiosity from Tokyo Revengers’ lovers. If you know answers to the two questions we have listed, don’t hesitate, share your thoughts with us. If you are a big fan of Tokyo Revengers, let we know, we can share interest together.

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